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Intro to True-Assets

What is True-Assets?

True-Assets is an "Asset Browser" management tool for Blender.

True-Assets is designed to automate workflows for the creation of assets marking data from existing .blend files, marking data from current (active) .blend files; for auto-creating 'assets' from texture libraries and also auto-creating assets from HDRi libraries. It also allows assets to be marked from 3d files like .OBJ and .FBX files.

True-Assets as of version 3.2.x also offers context menus inside your OS's file explorer:

Where to find it?

True-Assets needs to be installed in Blender under the user-preferences > Addons

Once installed, it can be found in the 3d viewport 'N' panel (this is the panel on the right-hand-side of the 3d viewport)

The Future of True-Assets...

We aim to make True-Assets the most well-rounded, asset management tool for Blender. We can only do this with your support!

If you would like to help us develop this, please contact us via our Blender Market page to leave us feedback and ideas.

Installing True-Assets

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