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We’re True-VFX!

We’re on a mission to develop the most comprehensive set of tools for 3D artists to render realistic full environmental scenes. True-VFX addons empower blender software users to quicken their workflow while increasing the capacity to create realistic detail. We are creators and lovers of Blender ourselves, starting out as one individual just trying to give the Blender Market an affordable way to make super awesome terrain renders. 

Thus, True-Terrain was born; And we haven’t stopped creating since!  

Richard, Founder, studied Animation at University in England, and always dreamed of getting into the VFX industry - his passion. He started creating addons for Blender in his spare time and True-VFX was born. His hobby continued to grow and in 2020 he finally took the leap, bit the bullet and quit his day job. Putting all of his time and effort into growing True-VFX as a business that is known for developing high quality addons, excellent customer service and most importantly, a passion for creating something magical. 

As True-VFX continued to grow, it was time to get some help! 

Zach, Lead Developer, and Rich were a match made in heaven and found each other through the blender community. Zach had a passion for animation, blender, and coding mixed with Richard’s needs for additional help. They became a True-Team. Zach came on full time in 2021 as lead developer and the True-VFX team has continued to grow ever since then. 

Zach studied 3D animation at Missouri State University. He created 3D interactive animated custom orthopedic models for years in Blender and learned coding in his free time to help his blender workflow. Those skills are what he uses to create some of the known and loved True-VFX addons.

True-VFX continues to grow with an emphasis placed on quality. We now have many addons and thousands of customers who use our addons to create incredible work both as a hobby and on a professional level. We cannot wait for you to join our community and experience the magic of True-VFX for yourself!  


Meet the team behind True-VFX

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