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V1 through 3

Prior to version 3.1, True-Assets development was marked by a period of rapid experimentation and exploration. As a result, the team was constantly iterating on features and implementing changes in a fast-paced environment. With the focus on moving quickly and innovating, documentation took a backseat. While this approach can yield exciting results, it also means that tracking changes and documenting them in a formal way often fell by the wayside. As such, there are no official changelogs available for earlier versions of the software. However, the development team has since recognized the importance of thorough documentation and made it a priority moving forward.

But let's be honest, we humans have a tendency to forget things anyway, so who knows if a changelog would have made much of a difference. Just don't ask us what we had for lunch yesterday!



  • FBX support for batch asset creation
  • OBJ support for batch asset creation
  • Material and World shader options added to the N-Panel
  • Batch update asset data
  • add/change tags
  • add/change author
  • add/change descriptions
  • remove asset data (tags, author, descriptions)
  • Collection support
  • Support for different World texture types
  • HDR added
  • JPG added
  • PNG added
  • Option for searching Sub-folders added so you can choose to disable this if needed (happened regardless before)
  • Fix Kitbash sets
  • Remove Subsurf modifiers
  • Changed displacement type


  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with nested folders
  • Fixed issues with catalogs not saving correctly
  • Can now delete catalogs
  • Fixed and issue with some assets appearing in the "unassigned section"
  • Fixed an issue with Kitbash assets not saving the textures
  • Fixed an issue with textures not being pathed correctly in general
  • Fixed an issue for HDRis not loading
  • General code optimisations



  • Added pack images option
  • Added "move origin to the bottom" option on import from directory/blend file functions
  • Filter function to asset creation tools so users can only create from files that have a keyword in their names
  • Support for "better FBX" addon (if installed, then you can choose blender internal, or BFBX importer)
  • Batch add Prefix and Suffix to asset names
  • Custom material values for "create materials" option (can now set values by default on the creation process)


  • Issue with large objects not rendering in icons
  • Issue with objects not rendering due to being disabled for render in the source file
  • Better logic for searching for and applying materials for FBX and OBJ file creation
  • General bug fixes for Blender 3.3 and 3.4x



  • AmbientCG integration
  • HDRIs
  • Textures
  • Catalogs for AmbientCG
  • Tags for all AmbientCG assets
  • Download toggle (Shows downloaded assets from AmbientCG)
  • Updated shaders
  • Uber
  • Organic
  • Plastic
  • Default
  • New shaders designed for AmbientCG Worlds and Materials
  • Updated UI for shaders in the N-Panel
  • QuickSwap (swap active object in viewport to any asset in TA object library)
  • Shader Switch (switch any active shader to one of the other 5)


  • Nested collections now supported
  • Fixed and issue with FBX files having wrong case letters in the FBX extension. Now support .fbx in any case e.g .FBX/.fbx
  • Fixed and issue with materials not working in Eevee
  • Fixed and issue with catalogs sometimes not showing in the dropdown
  • Fixed an issue in the HDRI shader to support both full range, and tone-mapped HDRi textures



  • Added catalogs from directory structure
  • Added function to import FBX and OBJ files into one blend for easier editing
  • Added specular controls to Uber, Plastic, Organic and AmbientCG uber shaders
  • Added sheen controls to Uber, Plastic and AmbientCG ubder shaders


  • Change Z location and Z scale were greyed out when toggling the wrong value in shaders. Now greys out and becomes usable when the correct value is toggled (enable Tri-Planar mapping)
  • Materials were broken in Blender 3.3 due to files from 3.4 overwriting the mix nodes. Now have a 3.3 file and 3.4 file to pull from to mitigate this issue
  • Fixed Eevee materials not working in some cases, and in other cases Displacement value being changed would break the look of materials.



  • Added USD support for batch assets and Windows right-click menu.
  • Introducing quick access buttons in the N-Panel and Asset browser header to quickly access True Assets Libraries.
  • Added the option to reorder Asset browser Libraries. Now you can rearrange the libraries according to your preference from the TA header menu. Find more information in the Asset-Browser Utilities Article.


  • Fixed a crash issue specific to Blender 3.5. Added a crash fix option in the Preferences (under Experimental) to address this problem.If batch asset creation is not working enable this.

Version 4.5.0

New Features:

  • Online assets have been split into a separate module, reducing the cost and making the addon more accessible.
  • Introducing 1500+ new materials with the addition of the ShareTextures module. Access their library directly from Blender's asset browser.
  • True-Terrain 5.0 support: Easily drag and drop materials from the TA online library as True-Terrain scatter layers.
  • Default settings customization: Set default settings for each operator in the addon preferences, saving time and streamlining workflows.


Solid Shading option removed: Eliminated Blender's internal solid shading option for thumbnails due to performance issues, enhancing stability and reliability.

Compatibility Fixes:

Blender 4.1 compatibility fixes implemented.

Bug Fixes:

  • Thumbnail download failures for online asset library can now be fixed by force reloading the library.
  • Rerendering Thumbnails issue with Blender 4.1 resolved.
  • Fixed a crash caused by setting the output format to something other than png or jpg when dragging an HDRI from the online library

Switch Shader

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