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What is the help panel?

Help Panel


  • Opens the home page of this documentation


  • Opens the YouTube playlist of tutorials specifically for the current True Terrain version

Chat With Us!

  • Click to open your default browser with a link to join our discord channel and talk directly with us, the developers!

Report Bug

  • Email us with bugs! Or feel free to report bugs to discord

When to use it?

The help panel is a very useful feature of True-Terrain.

Ideally, you should use this before contacting us for support. Tutorials are available for nearly all the features of True-Terrain, and more are added regularly.

The documentation should have all your answers.

If you cannot find the help you need from either of the above, then you will get the fastest response by joining the Discord channel, where our amazing community will be able to help.

There, you can also raise support tickets, and speak to us, the Developers

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