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  1. NEW: Scatter Around Object Source now has the choice between an object's location or its vertices (2.93 | 3.0) |
  2. NEW: Auto Bake System |
  3. NEW: Height Modifier now has the option to split up up fall for Min and Max and randomize edge amount for Min and Max or to just use a single value for both (3.0 only) |
  4. NEW: Option to use a curve to adjust a modifier's falloff |
  5. NEW: Camera Cull option to use Raycast version or legacy. Technically, a bit slower but gives the ability to use orthographic mode. Shouldn't really notice a slowdown |
  6. NEW: Density Fade (2.93 | 3.0) |
  7. NEW: Option for assets to be appended or linked (2.93 | 3.0) |
  8. NEW: Particle Clumping Section (2.93 | 3.0) |
  9. NEW: Height Map Landscape Creation option with settings in the Addon Preferences |
  10. NEW: Asset Modifier Masks option for the modifier to affect the scale of the assets |
  11. NEW: Edit Asset Button to quickly edit an asset's mesh |
  12. CHANGES: Many things are now handled by geometry nodes in 3.0 (Showing the particle spheres only in the viewport, asset quality proxies, Switching between scatter around sources, Path mask source switch, etc.)
  13. CHANGES: Negative falloff values don't invert masks that accept negative values
  14. CHANGES: Optimized Slope, Normal, Falloff, and Wind algorithms
  15. CHANGES: Path Mask: Draw Curve now can handle drawing multiple curves. (2.93 | 3.0)
  16. CHANGES: Path Mask: UI now accepts the actual curve object instead of an object mesh (3.0 only)
  17. CHANGES: Modifiers now appear in categories in the add menu (2.93 | 3.0)
  18. CHANGES: Various small UI changes
  19. CHANGES: Using t3dn's Blender Preview speed up library. Added options in the preferences to install the Pillow python library to convert non-'.bip' icons to bip to make them nice and fast
  20. Alert shows in the True Terrain panel if 'Translate New Data' is turned on helping
  21. BUG FIX: No longer an error when adding a new scatter system to an Adaptive Subdivision Enabled object
  22. BUG FIX: Stopped 'module' object is not callable bug on opening of Blender
  23. BUG FIX: Prevented an error when trying to get materials from a non-mesh object
  24. BUG FIX: Prevent users from trying to remove a scatter system when none exist
  25. BUG FIX: Plethora of bug fixes for 3.0
  26. BUG FIX: Copy Paste system fixes


  1. Better de-bugging error message when TT cannot find an asset type
  2. Fixed water materials turning black when you attempt to change them
  3. Fixed Terrain shader turning black when previewing or switching between texture-based and procedural
  4. Fixed AO toggle for AO maps not appearing in the Texture-based terrain settings
  5. Added new mapping functions for materials
  6. Scale texture, plus scale on all 3 axis now available under mapping section
  7. Rotating texture now works as intended
  8. advanced mapping section added to break up standard mapping and deep dive mapping sliders
  9. Anti-Tile moved to a new section, and new options added after making anti-tile better, and addressing harsh lines when using displacement
  10. Created a new method for how image based textures are now mapped to terrains. Previously 'Generated' option allowed for no unwrapping, but could cause stretching along x or y axis, and causes additional stretching along any steep vertical geometry on the z axis. NEW method, now maps on x/y/z and -x/-y/-z axis, stopping any stretching from happening, doesn't need to be unwrapped. There is an option for blending any visible seams (if any appear) using this method.
  11. Fixed an issue with Brown procedural rocks giving an error message (PRO and ULTIMATE versions ONLY)
  12. Added "mounds amount" and "mounds Intensity" to the snow node, so you can now add more evident fluffy bits in


  1. You can now change what asset is being used by a scatter system after adding. Can be found under the new Asset Settings in the Assets tab
  2. Asset render proxies. Option for showing a different quality level of an asset in the viewport than when rendering.
  3. Material texture render proxies. Option for showing a different resolution texture in the viewport than when rendering.
  4. Set Data Path Folder. You can now choose a different folder for all your assets and textures to be stored in.
  5. New Modifier: Texture Mask: Use one of Blender's textures as a mask for particles.
  6. New Modifier: Follow Object: Have your assets face an object (useful for billboard assets to face/follow the camera)
  7. Copy, Paste, Copy All, Paste All, Duplicate, and Remove All functions for modifiers.
  8. Copy, Paste, Copy All, Paste All, Duplicate, and Remove All functions for scatter systems.
  9. Scatter System min/max random rotation is now in degrees instead of radians.
  10. Auto Rename on Asset Change: Setting in the True Terrain addon prefs to automatically rename a scatter system when changing the asset type (On by default)
  11. Bug Fix: Importing assets was not renaming collections to be the same as the blend name.
  12. Subdivision Panel now shows up in the Water tab along with the Shader tab.
  13. Removed the "Refresh" button next to the install update button. Blender bug caused it to crash Blender. Will need to close and reopen Blender once more after installing updates.
  14. Feature Set is now shown in the Subdivision Panel with some warnings if it is not set to Experimental.
  15. Water now is automatically set to Displacement and Bump.
  16. Along with setting the Data Path you can also Move Assets, Save the Data Path, Reset Data Path, Reset Data Path to Default, and Open Data Path folder.
  17. LODs now can choose from existing asset quality levels.
  18. Bug Fix: Material Displacement settings (Midlevel, and Scale) now reset to default correctly.
  19. Modifiers now have icons in the menu and in the modifier stack.
  20. Resolutions with periods in them can now be displayed (i.e., 0.5K)
  21. Bug Fix: LOD modifier visibility toggle now correctly disables all LODs, not just the first one.
  22. If an asset has a particle system on it the Display Amount setting is now visible under the Asset Settings area and will update all objects.
  23. All modifiers are now Particle only but have been given the Falloff setting, which was the only reason there was a Vertex mode to begin with
  24. Moving modifiers up and down in the stack now rearranges the modifier nodes. Single use modifiers (LOD, Camera Mask, and Follow Object) will stay at the bottom of the stack since they are not affected by the order.
  25. Eevee Fix setting is correctly set on material creation.
  26. In the 'Copy To...' function of the material nodes, turning on 'Copy Blend Value' will hide the other settings.
  27. The Eevee Fix setting updates better now when switching to/from Material Viewport Shading. Still no way to update when this setting is changed unfortunately. Changing any other setting does seem to update it though.
  28. Ctrl-Z has been disabled for asset placing. There is a bug in Blender that crashes Blender when pressing ctrl-z during certain operations.
  29. Bug Fix: Clean Up removes unused assets more accurately.
  30. If using E-Cycles, you will not be able to add a True Terrain material or True Terrain water as for some reason E-Cycles changes nodes and the expected behaviour of nodes. Users may be able to build in vanilla Blender but render in E-Cycles though
  31. Documentation links in many more places to open True Terrain's documentation on specific features and functions.
  32. Added Solidify modifier settings to the Water tab.
  33. Randomize Edge Texture is now unique to every modifier.
  34. New Modifier: Simple Wind: rotates each asset according to a texture to look like wind.
  35. When the Asset Quality Level Proxy is toggled on, if the viewport quality setting has the word "Proxies" in it the shader settings for the Render Quality are shown.
  36. 4 lod levels for all rocks
  37. 12 rock collections in total now 48 Lods in total
  38. Procedural rock materials now consistently have wetness, SSS and AO based dirt values
  39. All rocks have been rescaled and applied at the correct world scale.
  40. Old texture-based rocks have been remastered.
  41. Fixed an issue with blend map for secondary rocks.
  42. Adjusted the default values for normal map to now be set on.
  43. Fixed a bug with the PBR fixer normal value, was incorrectly swapping between two normal map modes, rather than inverting the G value in the normal map for DX maps.
  44. Fixed an issue where roughness was not working when river water was made dirty.
  45. Fixed an issue where input mask, value was not connected to the right socket inside the node group, meaning no manual painted foam was applying.
  46. Adjusted the anti-tile hidden values to get less obvious seams when displacement applied.
  47. Set water mapping values to Object x attribute scale, so now water ripples stay the same size when scaling.
  48. Fixed an issue with cracked ground, that was applying too much displacement.
  49. Fixed an issue with cracked mud that was causing the wrong scale being applied to “mounds” meaning when displacement was increased, mounds caused undesirable results.
  50. Fixed all materials scale mapping to object x attribute scale, so now when scale is done to base mesh, texture does not scale incorrectly.
  51. Fixed a node (math) value that was causing roughness to be too low in ground clay.
  52. Fixed an issue with desert rocks shader, that was causing colour mask for small rocks to clip when the “erode” was applied.
  53. Ice shader added.
  54. Ocean mod shader added.
  55. Proxies for all Trees (Low poly models)
  56. Added in new options for AO based weathering and dirt in the texture-based materials for Terrain mixing.
  57. Fixed an issue with the normal map’s fixer not working.
  58. Fixed and issue with snow blending.
  59. Added viewport shading colours for all assets:
  60. Rocks consist of VP colours matching their Shader.
  61. Grass is green, or brown depending on grass type.
  62. Trees are green and brown.
  63. Fixed and issue with the size of leaves on the Spruce trees, being too big.
  64. Converted most rocks into procedural materials as could not restore some old textures for LOD creation.
  65. Fixed an issue with the deposit offset in waters being too hard a cut-off.
  66. Fixed and issue with the density setting in water that was causing too much density at small values.
  67. Fixed and issue with paint map not working in the water shader.
  68. Fixed colouration of water volume in the rivers and lakes
  69. Fixed and issue with the dirt water slider removing option to change the roughness of water.
  70. Fixed the surface dirt specularity and roughness in rivers/lakes water.
  71. Fixed the fast water shader for lakes and rivers water not mirroring the colour when dirty water was applied.
  72. Fixed a problem with water shaders ripple intensity being clamped.
  73. Fixed and issue with normal map values not being set by default in the terrain shader.
  74. Added in option for using the AO map that is inside but not available previously with the terrain shader.
  75. Added options for adjusting normal map intensity.
  76. Fixed and issue with the cracked ground procedural shader that was causing colours to not align with the displaced geometry.
  77. Fixed animation values in the rivers/lake’s shader
  78. Fixed an issue with the direction arrows mask, having arrows too small by default.
  79. Fixed an issue with lagoon and tropical water, where animation direction did not match the arrow mask.
  80. Fixed a problem with some rocks being too small by default.
Monday, July 31, 2023
Wednesday, August 9, 2023


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