Getting Started
Using NodeScapes

First Use

Let's get you squishy newbs up to speed

Create new NodeScapes node tree


Click the 'New' button in the header at the top of the NodeScapes window

Refresh Presets

Refresh Presets

In the left hand menu that is pulled up by pressing the “N” key go to the Presets panel and click the refresh button.

Execute Base Preset

Execute Base Preset

With the “Base” preset selected click the “Execute Preset” button which will add the Grid node connected to the Mesh Output node.

Add noise node

Add Noise Node

Go to Add >> Noise >> Hetero Terrain >> then move the Hetero Terrain node over the link or noodle between the Grid and Mesh Output nodes.

Add more nodes! Turn up the Density of the Grid Node. Connect multiple noise nodes to each other. Explore the Nodes Documentation for tips and tricks and just general better understanding! See how the Noise node works. Connect the Hydraulic Erosion node and watch your terrain come alive!
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