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Importing/Installing Content

Installing content packs

Once True-Terrain is installed and, if needed, you have ported your old content over (see Import From Previous), you can find content pack installation here:

Click the Import Pack button, and when the file-browser opens, navigate to the place you've saved your pack files.

Select the content packs (these are .tt_pack files). Selecting all at once is best to do, and advised so that all content is installed as it should be.

Do not close Blender while True-Terrain is installing content. Content installation has a progress bar which will complete when all is installed. If the bar is at 100% but you do not see the HIDE button, then it is not complete yet.

You MUST do these things if you wish to port your True-Terrain 4 content into 5

After installing the tool, please go back to the preferences and complete these steps:

Import from True-Terrain 4

You must have True-Terrain 4.x installed in the same version of Blender you are using True-Terrain 5 in for Import From Previous to actually import anything

Navigate to and click on the Asset Data section to display its items. Then  click on [Import From Previous]. Allow for the content to be loaded. A progress bar will appear while True-Terrain performs this operation.

Import custom Height Maps

  1. Navigate down until you see "Asset Data". Click the [>] button on the left of this to open this section up.
  2. Navigate down until you see "Heightmaps" and click the [>] for this section to drop down.
  3. Navigate to the left of this new menu. Click the [V] button to show special options
  4. Click the "Load From Directory"
  5. Find the Directory with your heightmaps in, and press okay when you're navigating the file browser window that opens
Heightmaps can be any file format, but we recommend 32bit float EXR, HDR or TIFF files
Icons for Heightmaps
Icons will auto-generate to webp from the heightmap file so you will have a black and white icon.
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July 25, 2023
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