Getting Started


You MUST do these things before using the tool

After installing the tool, please go back to the preferences and complete these steps:

Import from True-Terrain 4

Navigate to the right side of the preferences, and click on [Import From Previous]. Allow for the content to be loaded. A progress bar will appear while True-Terrain performs this operation.

Import Height Maps

  1. Navigate down until you see "Asset Data". Click the [>] button on the left of this to open this section up.
  2. Navigate down until you see "Heightmaps" and click the [>] for this section to drop down.
  3. Navigate to the left of this new menu. Click the [V] button to show special options
  4. Click the "Load From Directory"
  5. Find the Directory with your heightmaps in, and press okay when you're navigating the file browser window that opens
Icons for Heightmaps
Icons will auto-generate if your heightmaps are any format except for .EXR. If your heightmaps are .EXR then the icons will fail to generate (This is a bug that we are looking to address)
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July 25, 2023
August 2, 2023


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Heather @ True-VFX
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