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Install VDB Packs

After completing the installation of the True-VDB addon, follow these instructions to install the content packs:

Click the "Import VDB Pack" button to install the content.

Import Selection
You can select multiple pack zips (this is in-fact advised) to import at any given time. Multi-selection ensures that all content is installed as intended and files aren't missing which can lead to errors

True-VDB content pack data size:

(Size uncompressed)

True-VDB Standard: 10+GB

True-VDB Explosions Season: 75+GB

True-VDB Fire Season: 30+GB

True-VDB Magic Season: 24+GB

True-VDB Weather Season: 28+GB

All files related to True-VDB should be left Zipped
Unzipping the files will result in the addon not working. You must leave the contents zipped and ensure that you install all content packs or errors will occur.
Do not close Blender during this process
Closing Blender can cause data loss and/or corruption. Allow the process to finish as it should; which you can monitor by the progress bar in the user prefs.
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