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Introduction to AmbientCG

True-VFX has officially partnered with AmbientCG to bring their huge library to Blender's asset browser directly though True-Assets

Who are AmbientCG?

Ambient CG is ran solely by Lennart Demes. They keep the site up and running, and produce all the content you see on there in their own time and upload all the content under a cc0 license, meaning that anyone can use the assets for any purpose. This is no simple task and with a library so vast it's hard to do when you're providing all this content for free. We approached Lennart with the proposition of working on a way to integrate their library directly into Blender as we just happened to have a tool that directly integrated with Blender's asset browser.

Where to find the Library in True-Assets?

AmbientCG Library

To find the Ambient CG library, you just head to the Asset-Browser on the dropdown library selector on the left, click this and then select the AmbientCG library. Is this is the first time accessing this, you need to use the [Fetch] button on the right to grab them all.

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