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Installing AmbientCG

The User Preferences

You MUST go to the [addons] tab of the user preferences after installing True-Assets v4.0. Search for True-Assets and then from there we will address the steps that must be taken to get the AmbientCG library to appear in the Asset-Browser.

Step 1

Open the Blender user preferences> Addons > True-Assets (If you have not installed yet, go to HERE)

Step 2

Set a download location for the AmbientCG library to store assets you have used (shown in the red box in image above)

Step 3

Open the True-Assets Directory location (Shown in yellow box) using the folder button to the right. This will open a file-viewer.

Step 4

Either find a location that you wish for your True-Assets libraries to store if you have NOT already done so. OR, if you have already chosen one, just click [OKAY] in that file-viewer pop-up, to refresh True-assets to build the AmbientCG library.

Step 5

Save the user preferences (Even if you have auto-save enabled) to ensure that the directories you have set, are set-up within Blender's file path menu.

You need to follow these steps as shown, whether this is the first time you have installed True-Assets, or are an existing user of True-Assets. The Libraries will not update without a prompt from the user.

The Asset Browser

Now you have completed the steps above, you can head to the Asset-Browser of Blender. Once there, you'll see the drop downs for all the True-Asset's libraries, now including the AmbientCG library.

Once you see this Library in the drop down, select it and follow the Steps on the next article

AmbientCG library not there:
If you can't see the AmbientCG library in the drop down. Make sure that you have set the paths in the user prefs under True-Assets prefs and saved those preferences. Restart Blender!

If you still cannot see them, please contact us on our Discord so we can troubleshoot this with you.
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