a new generation of terrain creation is here.

Build Photorealistic Terrains with ease.

True-Terrain 4 Users Please Read

Existing users of True-Terrain are entitled to a discount from this version. Please check your downloads for more information


In it's current state, this tool is not the final product. We do not have Scattering or Water implemented yet. Please use the code above to grab $24 off the list price. This code will be valid until final release only.

Features quick-view

Built from the ground up, True-Terrain 5 is now a fully procedural terrain creation suite.

  • With a move to a Layer-based system of design, you have so much more control over your creations!

  • Modify EVERYTHING with our layer and blend modifiers. Want to mix two terrain layers together? Done!

  • No longer are you tied to a few layers for your materials. With our new node system under the hood, you have access to unlimited layers!


It's never been easier to create

User intuitive controls

Grab the widgets to move layers around, rotate and scale them. Change seed values, add layers, blend them, modify them

Simple UI

Layers Tab, Blending Tab, Modifier tab.
All the controls you need placed where you can easily find them.

Unlimited variations

With the infinite layer-based system, you can create, blend and modify as many layers as you want. (or as many as your machine will let you...)

Adding Layers

We've made it really easy for you to build up your terrains using our new, custom-built layer system.

We know nodes are amazing, but not everyone likes to use them. So we made our system using nodes, and then give you the important settings through a fancy UI to make it a much more intuitive experience.

The power of nodes, the ease of layers.

One-Click Plateau's

It's just a button click away. Our Plateau layer generates realistic plateaus.

It's never been easier to make that vast desert scene you've always wanted!

All the textures...

Don't want to use our custom made terrain-noise layer? Make your own!

By adding different texture layers together, you take control in making your terrain look how you want it to.

Heightmaps Galore

Use the included maps, or your own. The height map layer will let you bring in any height map, installed or not, and add it to your terrain.

The height map layer (as with all terrain layers) allows you to blend, mix, modify and move around to your hearts content. Need a mountain near a crater? Go for it!


That's right, realtime preview erosion of your terrains.

It's our first "release" iteration so it will only get better. But right now you can erode with hydro, thermal or both.

It's pretty fast too and we store the data maps so you can add it as a shader mask later.

Geometry Modifiers




Remap (Range)

Remap (Curve)


Flatten Area

Geometry Blending

Zero Edge Border

Distance From


Layer Range

Normal (angle)




Layer. Based. Materials!

Seriously, we're all about layers this time around.
With unlimited layers, 12 Blending modifiers and the 32 supplied materials; you'll have all the artistic control you need.

Watch how simple this is...

Add a layer, add a blending modifier, tweak. Add a layer... Add a blending modifier... Tweak.


Powerful Shader Controls

Innovative Layer system:

Centers around a revolutionary layer-based approach with complex shader nodes, offering unparalleled customization in terrain texturing. The first of it's kind!

Dynamic Terrain Masking:

Features a range of masks like attribute, path, height, and slope, allowing for layered, modifiable textures that respond to environmental factors.

Creative Filters:

Equipped with filters for blending, brightness and contrast, HSV adjustments, and weathering effects, catering to diverse aesthetic needs.

Sophisticated Material Settings:

Includes advanced settings for normal and detail strengths, depth, and displacement scaling, creating textures that are visually realistic and tactile.

Material Masks


Distance From


Attribute Mask

Normal (angle)






Remap Values

Unlock your creative potential with True-Terrain 5

The key to transforming into a master of realistic 3D environments. This tool empowers you to effortlessly create detailed terrains, enhancing your artistic capabilities and enabling you to bring ambitious visions to life with unparalleled realism and precision. With True-Terrain 5, stand out in the world of 3D art.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product
Is there a free trial available?
Not right now. We aim to bring a completely free version of the tool with less features than the paid version in 2024
Why is this early access?
We've been working on this version for 18 months (as of writing) and we now need to bring a wider user base in than our small our group of testers so that we can build the tool around your workflows.

We can only bring a tool to a certain point. It's nothing without user feedback and input which is where you come in.
Is this a free upgrade for existing True-Terrain users?
No, True-Terrain is not free for existing users, but let's explain why. Developing and maintaining True-Terrain involves significant costs, especially given its scale and complexity. To continue offering high-quality support and updates, we need to charge for new versions.

It's important to note that while we've provided free upgrades in the past, this was never an official policy. Since the initial release of True-Terrain on November 18, 2018, no customer has been billed for continuous feature support. However, charges have been applied for additional content, which is a separate matter.

True-Terrain represents a major financial and resource commitment on our part. It includes over 97,000 lines of new code, more than 650 commits in the last 18 months, and a significant amount of content.

To support our existing customers, we're offering a substantial discount: all current True-Terrain users are eligible for a 65% discount on their next purchase. This offer is valid up until the full release of the next version, after which the discount will drop to 25%. Please note that True-Terrain will not be included in future sales, as our current price point of $99 reflects the tool's value.

We'll continue to provide free updates for major releases, which will include bug fixes, enhancements to existing features, and possibly new features.

We hope this clarifies our policy for existing users and the future of True-Terrain. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!
What do I do with True-Terrain 4?
We thought about that.

You paid for it, which means it's yours forever. How about we make sure that the content you paid for, you can continue to use!

We've spent the last 6 months coming up with a new asset-management backend so all you need to do is click one button to transfer your content from version 4 to version 5.
What about scattering?
We know this will be a deciding factor for people so, let's shed some light on that.

For the past 9 months, our team has been laser-focused on building and polishing the terrain system. We're big believers in getting things just right, and that meant pouring our hearts and souls into making the terrain system as awesome as possible first.

But don't worry, an asset scatter system is definitely on our radar! We're already working on it. Creating something as complex and cool as this takes time, and we want to make sure it's the best it can be. That's where you come in! Your feedback is super valuable to us. We want to build a scatter system that's not just good but great, and one that fits perfectly with what you, our users, need.

We're super excited about bringing this feature to you and can't wait to hear what you think as it develops. Thanks a ton for your patience and for being part of this journey with us. Stay tuned for more updates!
And Water?
We're in the process of creating the most realistic water system Blender has ever seen. That's why it's taking a bit longer to roll out.

We're not just aiming for good; we're aiming for ground-breaking. This new water system will bring an unparalleled level of realism and detail to your 3D environments. We're talking about water that looks and behaves like the real thing – with reflections, ripples, and all the intricate details that make digital water come to life.

Developing something this advanced takes time, patience, and a whole lot of innovation. Our team is working tirelessly, experimenting with new techniques to achieve this ambitious goal. We want to ensure that when we release our water system, it sets a new standard in digital water realism.

We appreciate your patience as we work on this exciting project. Trust us, it'll be worth the wait. Get ready to dive into the most realistic digital waters you've ever seen in Blender!
I really need the Water and Scattering I've been using in True-Terrain 4
This one is less of a 'frequently asked question' and more a statement that's been made to us a lot.

True-Terrain 5 and 4 can work alongside each other. When you install 5, 4 will continue to work as it should and has. That means you can use all the new features in 5 along with the scattering and water features in 4.

We know, that sounds like a lot of back and forth, but as we mentioned earlier. True-Terrain 5 now needs user input to make it the best it can be.

Our previous versions have been made complete, and then pushed to the public which has led to a messy system. We're opening this up now to take user input as we work to build the tool the way you need it, not how we thing you need it.